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I am Vijay Kumar and I am a game designer and developer. I have two years of experience in Game Design, Level Design, and Scripting through game jams. I have a deep passion for the game development process as I strongly believe that video games are a powerful medium for telling stories and for providing players with rich and new experiences.

What makes me passionate about making video games is the combination of technology and creativity - how multiple disciplines can come together to create an immersive experience. I like to be challenged in the ways that only making games can do, whether it is planning, implementing, or testing. I enjoy that each new project has its own unique set of problems that need solving.

When I am designing puzzle games, 2D platformers or 3D environments, I always like to tell a story. Overall, I am incredibly excited about what the future holds, for the games industry and for my own personal pursuits.


Unity Engine

Unity Probuilder

Unreal Engine 4



Lost in Limbo

Designed for the Global Game Jam 2022, our team developed a 2D puzzle platformer featuring two controllable characters who must assist each other while traversing through limbo. I took lead on this project, assembling a team with a diverse skill mix and liaising between artists, programmers and the composer to create a game with a rich environment and immersive play. I used Unity's 2D tilemap system and sprite shapes to create a map with a natural feel, placing traps and puzzles with even distribution to create an organic difficulty curve.



A 2D, top-down shooter designed using the cyberpunk aesthetic to create an immersive futuristic atmosphere. I created a level layout such that the placement of obstacles and enemies creates a progressive difficulty curve. I also assisted in the UI design and tried to provide a comfortable experience for players.


Life Is A Beach

Made for the 2021 Brackeys Game Jam, 'Life is a Beach' has the player sneaking around a Hawaiian resort causing absolute chaos. When designing the level, I had to take into consideration the stealth elements of the game, providing plenty of rooms, corners and walls for the player to hide behind. The game uses a cartoonish, voxel style which reflects the comedic premise of the game.


Two Worlds

Using Unity Pro-builder, I designed the map for a 3D platformer with two overlapping, super-imposed worlds in one level. I employed an increasing difficulty curve to provide a more entertaining gameplay experience. This project was made in 48 hours for the GMTK game jam 2021, which had the theme "Joined Together".



For the Github Game Off 2020, I took lead and managed the project. I conceptualised a game from the theme "Moonshot", designed the platformer level and supervised asset creation. I worked closely with the artist to produce appealing 2D graphics and I assisted the sound designer to create matching SFX.