lost in limbo

Embark on a journey through dual worlds in "Lost in Limbo." Inspired by "Fireboy and Watergirl," our unique take introduces the Devil and Angel, working together to conquer obstacles. Switch between characters, utilizing the Devil's fire-walking and Angel's double-jumping abilities to traverse challenges. Experience our artist's crafted levels, intertwining abilities with puzzles for a harmonious balance between realms of light and darkness.

  • Duration: 1 Week

  • Team Size: 6

  • Role: Game / Level Designer

  • Engine: Unity

Dive into the realms of light and darkness with "Lost in Limbo" and experience a one-of-a-kind dual-character adventure.

Genesis of the Dual-Character Adventure: Crafting 'Lost in Limbo'

As a team, we were facing some difficulty in selecting an idea for a project. After conducting extensive research, one of our programmers was intrigued by the game “Fireboy and Watergirl”, which fit well with the theme of the Duality jam. Consequently, we decided to create a two-character game where the Devil and Angel, who hail from different worlds, help each other navigate through obstacles. The player would have the option to switch between characters, with the Devil being able to walk through fire and the Angel could double-jump, allowing them to reach difficult areas. Our artist designed the level based on the characters' abilities, which included not only specific points where each character could utilize their skills but also switches and boxes that could be pushed to aid each other's progress.

Collaborative Mastery: Navigating Challenges in 'Lost in Limbo

In the initial phase of gameplay, players are presented with a cooperative challenge of navigating obstacles tailored to the unique capabilities of their respective characters. The Angel character's restriction against fire and the Devil character's inability to cross bodies of water necessitates a collaborative approach. Leveraging Angel's aptitude for double jumping becomes pivotal, serving as a strategic advantage that facilitates accessing higher ground. This, in turn, allows for the height of the water level through a series of orchestrated manoeuvres, enabling safe passage for the Devil character.

A Closer Look: Zoom Mechanics and Puzzles in Action

A key mechanic introduced in this endeavour is the dynamic zoom-in and zoom-out feature. Upon entering puzzle-centric areas, the camera perceptibly zooms out, serving as a visual cue to players that a cerebral challenge awaits their attention. Contrarily, the camera seamlessly retracts when the task at hand merely involves straightforward traversal. This intentional camera manipulation aids in guiding players' focus, thereby enhancing engagement and gameplay comprehension. These aspects helped enhance the player's experience and made the game more engaging.

Designing Success: Leading with Initiative in 'Lost in Limbo'

In my capacity as the project's designer, I assumed a proactive role in defining the project's details to the team members. By creating the establishment of a dedicated Discord server, I aimed to foster efficient and fluid communication channels. These channels were thoughtfully organized, outlining specific topics such as Art and Programming, thus fostering clarity and coherence in team discussions. Additionally, I scheduled regular daily meetings throughout the duration of the jam, ensuring that every team member remained up-to-date on the project's developing aspects and elements.

Achieving Excellence:
4th Place with Polished Design

The process of designing the 2D level within Unity prompted a deep exploration of sprite sheet implementation. Drawing inspiration from Brackeys' instructive tutorial on crafting organic 2D environments using Sprite Sheets, I honed my ability in constructing intricate level. This tutorial demonstrated instrumental in not only understanding the mechanics but also in shaping the level's aesthetic and experiential qualities. By meticulously using these principles, the resulting level has an organic quality that not only appears but also echoes as authentic, engendering players with an immersive sensation of traversing a dark forest terrain.

Our team's effort resulted in a highly polished game earned us 4th place in the jam.

Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Game Design Document (GDD)

Embrace Duality: Immerse Yourself in 'Lost in Limbo's' Contrasting World

Our journey through 'Lost in Limbo' has led us to the creation of an experience that reflects the essence of duality and cooperation. From the innovative mechanics to the intricate levels, every aspect of this project showcases our dedication to creativity and teamwork. As you explore the game, switching between characters and overcoming challenges, you'll delve into a world where fire and light intertwine to guide your path. 'Lost in Limbo' is more than just a game – it's a testament to the power of unity and artistic expression. Join us in this adventure of contrasts and harmony.